CaseWare Cloud Audit India-
Conduct shorter, faster, risk-focused, SA compliant audits

CaseWare Cloud Audit IndiaTM

CaseWareCloud Audit India Conducts shorter, faster, risk-focused, SA compliant audits – the next generation of audit software. Designed with true flexibility and unparalleled automation, the built in audit optimiser cuts out unnecessary checklists and work programmes. This ensures the minimum amount of work to achieve the maximum result. With CaseWare Cloud, you get the ability to monitor all workflows, and additional quality control that will increase efficiency and productivity.

Compliance with SQC1 is built into Audit India. The solution come as package of compliance, quality and engagement management for your firm.

NFRA/Peer Review process, now becomes super easy because downloading your entire audit file will happen in a click of a button.

Enhancing your productivity
  • Seamless audit content and compliance updates, including ICOFR (Internal Control Over Financial Reporting) documents – eliminates non-compliance risk through seamless updates, saving you from having to manually update content
  • Paperless audits – digitises all relevant documentation making it available in one central location
  • Dynamic document management – easily imports and references documents to evidence your audits with ease
  • Optimised content – using Smart Procedure technology, saves time on every audit. No more manual tailoring!
  • Electronic leadsheet / account analysis – now you can annotate and cross reference seamlessly.
  • File issues – record your file notes anywhere using Issues, and then review them in one central location
  • Workflow status – uses ‘Workflow Status’ to assess the progress of each audit engagement
  • Smart Trial Balance technology – smart technology automates Materiality Indicators and year-on-year comparisons
  • Audit adjustments – maintains a clear audit trail by easily documenting audit adjustments in the file
  • Dashboard summaries – enables decision-making by showing the progress of all engagements in real time
Delivering secure collaboration
  • Audit query system – communication with your client from within the file has never been easier and appending related communications has never been more convenient
  • CaseWare Cloud collaboration tools – features like Live Chat, Discussions and File Requests make working with colleagues and administrators very easy
Enabling easy access and data security
  • Any device access – browser-based technology gives you access to your Audits from any web-enabled device
  • Anywhere access – provides flexible staffing solutions by enabling access from any location
  • Security – easily assign tailored access levels to the portal for your staff and clients
  • Automatic cloud backups – automatic daily backups mitigate the risk of data loss and enable data retrieval to provide added security
  • Cloud platform hosting – Amazon Web Services (AWS) houses your data in state-of-the-art, certified data centres
Training and support
  • e-learning program – comprehensive e-learning modules enable self-paced learning when and where you want it
  • Dedicated email support – you can count on our reliable full service support team
  • Online knowledge base of FAQs – improved productivity due to an intuitive online knowledge base provides for quick access to FAQs, enabling you to get on with your work faster

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