CaseWare 2017 Release Update

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The latest version of Audit System and working papers are released and ready for use. Please review the update guide or contact support desk ( to receive more details. Talk to our customer care representative on 3959 2828 to obtain help on updating your firm to the newer version.

What is Audit System?

Audit System contains a comprehensive suite of electronic software programs, checklists and audit work papers designed specifically for the audit practitioner in India, utilising the internationally recognised CaseWare software as the ‘software engine’.

With references to the Indian Auditing Standards (SAs) the template is structured to allow auditors to obtain reasonable assurance that their audit engagements are compliant with the professional and regulatory requirements. CaseWare India works with a number of partners and consultants to ensure we have included relevant compliance aspects within each annual update of the template.

Why use CaseWare?
  • Leaders in compliance
  • Used in 130 countries globally
  • Working with Auditors across the globe for more than 28 years
  • Fully integrated audit management solution
  • Flexible enough to customise to your needs
  • Track your team just from anywhere using our SmartSync technology
  • Completely paperless
Key Benefits
  • Compliance with Indian Auditing Standards and Companies Act 2013 as updated along with guidance
  • Risk based approach to streamline your audit engagement (ICFR guidelines compliant)
  • Automated suggestion of risk responses based on your risk assessment
  • Advanced protection, delegation and work tracking features
  • Review your team’s work from anywhere
  • Work status at your finger tips now
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