ICAI international conference calls for embracing new technologies by Chartered Accountants

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The recent ICAI International Conference was held in the city of Hyderabad on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2016. The meeting, conceptualised on the theme of “Jnana Yajna – The Quest for Excellence”, was well received by various national and international delegates. One of the important sessions discussed on how technology can help the audit profession to keep in pace with improved business accounting and reporting and thereby providing value to the business houses and society.
According to Robotics and cognitive automation expert Ms B Kalpana, use of cloud, artificial intelligence and other developments are necessary for the profession to catch up with the changes in accounting system over the years.

Chartered Accountants are successfully making use of different softwares to automate work and deliver value added services to the clients. These include taxation softwares, efiling suites, office management tools etc., so that they can concentrate on their core activities. However there are some roadblocks on this path or at least perceived as such. The main one is the heavy investment cost on technology improvements and affordability of the same. Second is challenges in maintaining the system.

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