User Group- June 2020

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CaseWare India June 2020 User Group Wrap Up

Thank you all for attending our first User Group session. We hope the session was informative and looking forward to your feedback to make this better. Here’s a quick wrap up of what’s happened across each group and a quick look forward to next month’s sessions.

If you didn’t make a session you particularly want to catch up on, please review the options below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please connect to us through our new Online help center. You can send a mail to to get your help center account activated. Through the help center, you can achieve the following benefits.

  • Access to FAQ knowledge base
  • Facility to raise your support query as a ticket and track the resolution

We are trying to continuously improve the user experience and we welcome your inputs and suggestions in this regard.

During the month of June, we held the Cloud Audit India User group, and below are some of the learning and updates.

CaseWareCloud Audit India

A brief on Creating an Audit File and navigation 

  • It is very important to note that the creation of Audit files needs to be done with extra care since a file creation done wrongly can not be undone. As a result, audit files purchased will be exhausted unnecessarily.
  • The owner of the audit file shall name the file using the engagement property tab so that it can be used as a unique identifier for the engagement.
  • There are multiple options to Import the trial balance. However, it is important to note that a medium once selected can not be reverted. For Example, If the option “import from desktop accounting software” is chosen, the mode gets fixed for the file and it’s rolled forward.


  • The discussion focused on the usage of query functionality and discussed how to effectively use it for client collaboration and efficiency of audit documentation.
  • The creation of a checklist and setting up visibility conditions was another topic that was discussed in the session.
  • The bulk print option is enabled in all the audit files which will help to export audit documentation based on customer requirements.

July 2020 User Group

CaseWareCloud Audit India

Date : 17th July 2020

Time : 11.00AM- 12.00 PM

Portal: Zoho Meeting. Please click here to register.

The agenda for the session is as provided below:

1. Risk, Control and Risk Assessment

2.Trial balance import and Mapping

3. Open Discussion  

CaseWare SmartSync Audit System

Date : 20th July 2020

Time :  11.00AM to 12.00PM

Portal: Zoho Meeting. Please Click Here to register

The agenda for the session is as provided below:

1. Parent File management in a Smartsync environment

2. Creation of a client portal and firm branding

3. Placeholders and Efficiency of Documentation 

4. Importing client data from Tally – Best practices and possible errors and its solutions