CaseWare Online

Are you ‘in sync’ with your audit team?

Or do you need:

  • The freedom to work how, when and where you want
  • The efficiency of seamless synchronisation with all your team members – data is always up-to-date
  • The flexibility to keep working if you are offline, with changes automatically synced when you reconnect
  • The innovation of tools such as the Activity Feed, offering a social enterprise view of everything engagement-related
  • The new possibilities of apps like Review on the Go where a web browser is all you need to review engagement file progress and quality control on your tablet
  • The added benefits of an online environment restricted to nominated team members, that includes a full Document Management System, secure messaging and streamlined file sharing environment
  • An improved relationship with your Clients, offering them fresh ways to stay involved and informed through custom dashboards that display key summary information gathered from your engagement files, as well as participation in the secure messaging and easy file sharing enjoyed by the whole team
  • The convenience of centralised cloud-based data and storage – no servers or specialised IT required


  • Unprecedented collaboration between your audit team members, regardless of their geographic location – anytime, anywhere. Choose to specify your client as a team member and keep all engagement file communication secure and seamless. Use the inbuilt Document Management System to keep all your client files and audit workpapers on the same system
  • Working with the online files when you have internet access. Work offline on full, editable copies of engagement files when you don’t. As soon as you reconnect, any files updated by you will automatically update the central files in the background while you continue working
  • Security of access, with in-built different clearance levels for different team members, including your clients. And you get peace of mind with the security and backup procedures implemented on host servers++^
  • Great performance, as just the updated data (not an entire file) is synced centrally

We have captured some of the key features in a short online presentation – click here to view that presentation in a new window. If you would prefer to arrange a complimentary, no-obligation presentation of the features and benefits of using CaseWare Online, please contact us.

++ Servers hosted by Amazon. Further information on Amazon Cloud Services security and backup is available here.
^ CaseWare Online technology may also be available for inhouse network implementation. Talk to us about your requirements.