CaseWareCloud Audit IndiaTM

CaseWareCloud Audit IndiaTM takes collaboration between clients and colleagues to a whole new level in a secure environment. Stay up to date with audit progress and finish your audits seamlessly with anytime, anywhere access to the suite of applications, job management tools, views and filters on the CaseWare Cloud platform.

Compliance with SQC1 is built into Audit India. The solution come as package of compliance, quality and engagement management for your firm.

NFRA/Peer Review process, now becomes super easy because downloading your entire audit file will happen in a click of a button.

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CaseWare SmartSync Audit System

The CaseWare India Audit System template contains a comprehensive suite of electronic software programs, checklists and audit work papers designed specifically for the audit practitioner in India, utilising the internationally recognised CaseWare software as the ‘software engine’.

The template is structured to allow practitioners to obtain reasonable assurance that their audit engagements are compliant with the professional and regulatory requirements. CaseWare India works with a number of partners and consultants to ensure we have included relevant compliance aspects within each annual update of the template.

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CaseWare Financials IFRS 

CaseWare Financials lets you automatically create customized financial statements based on information in your Working Papers. This makes financial reporting significantly more efficient, reducing your workload considerably, while minimizing risks of error.

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CaseWare Cloud

Ideal for firms small and large, CaseWare Cloud is a powerful solution that can take your Working Papers engagements to a whole new level of efficiency. CaseWare Cloud allows you to monitor the status of engagements from any web-enabled device and, because engagement files are stored in the cloud, your backups are managed automatically and you have no need for expensive servers.

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