CaseWare Working Papers

CaseWare Working Papers is intuitive software that allows accountants to effectively and efficiently collate financial and other information. It links to CaseView, a powerful report writer installed with CaseWare, to produce complying financial statements and other reports.

Developed in Canada, CaseWare Working Papers is utilised by over 300,000 users in over 130 countries. The software is created for a world-wide network of distributors who ensure that templates are tailored to local audit and reporting requirements.

  • Integrated Trial Balance
  • CaseView, a sophisticated purpose-built report writer
  • Facilitates Paperless files
  • Consolidation functionality (in reports, leadsheets and financial statements)
  • Document Management, including files from other software
  • Track and monitor file activity
  • Roll forward files
  • Security
  • Lockdown
  • Multi-user access to files
  • Extensive review and file management

Other important features include: write-up functionality, journal entries, mapping, split-ups, performance measures, drill-down capability and links to other relevant software, including CaseWare IDEA.